A Brand Knit Sweater Sale Is On

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Here online on the store Lulus, there is a sale on knit sweaters, come and get your 40% discounts on Lulus store on these winter wear items that will keep you warm in winters. Decide to get a saving on your offer and purchase with a large discount the items that you need for this holiday season. Buy the seasonal offers and purchase through this store Lulus, the items you will essentially need now.

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Moonglow Burgundy Loose Knit Sweater

Is selling at a cost of $34

Was sold originally at $56

Discount of 38% discounts off

Moonlit drives have loose-knit acrylic and a pierced pattern from all over. It has a rolled round neckline and also has cuffed long sleeves with shoulders falling on the lower side

Eloise Dusty Pink V-Neck Loose Knit Sweater

Is sold at a cost of $25
Was selling at a price of $42

Discount of 40% off discounts

It has a sheer knit which shapes the basic sweater top and also has V-neckline, long sleeves, and a big-sized bodice with a high low hem. It looks good on large-sized women, and it is a well-designed sweater.

Cozy Memories Cream Pointelle Knit Turtleneck Sweater

Is selling at a discount price of $41

And was sold at a normal cost of $52

Discount on the item is 21% off

This sweater has a round-shaped neck and is knit with the proper ribbed diamond-like appearance that makes it a soft and smoothly felt item to be used.

Feel it Still Plum Purple Knit Sweater

The selling price is $29 and
Without the discount, the price is $48

Discounts of 40% off are offered

A plum knit sweater comes with a V neckline and stretched sleeves and shoulders bend downwards. A knit shape is a further addition to the sweater as it fulfills the purpose it is meant for, it has perfect knit details.

Moonglow Black Loose Knit Sweater

Sold at $34
and a discount rate of $56

Offering a discount of 39% off is offered

A new pattern of knit sweaters has a loose-knit acrylic item which has an attractive front pattern. It also has a round and comfortable neck suited for most people who want useful wearable items. The sweater comes with long sleeves and bent shoulders. It also has a bodice that is attractive and selected to suit your wearing necessities

Get With It Rust Red Mock-Neck Knit Sweater

Is sold at a retail discount cost of $43

And the original cost was $54

20% Discounts are offered

A cold suitable wearable that can protect you from the cold weather, it is comfy and first rated and can be your first-rate choice. This sweater is a medium-weight knit sweater with neck cuffed features that have accessible long sleeves and wide sized body for easy wear.