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Comparison Of You and Your Hubbies Wearable’s In Latest Fashion

Fashion in relationships can be a fun thing. Maybe you love your partner’s style, even if it doesn’t match yours. Or maybe you’ve fought tooth and nail to get rid of that garment you hate or bought them some new replacement parts as gifts just to get the point across. Then there are the couples whose style matches as well as their personalities.

If you’ve ever visited the USA, you may have noticed that some couples dress remarkably the same; that’s because many use a “couple look” to show the world that they are an item. But it is only happening in New York. In the couple and creative photographer duo Nelson Tiberghien and Isabelle Chaput, or Young Emperors. Although the couple never set out for internet fame, they noticed that their outfits began to coordinate as they spent time together and worked together, eventually falling in love. Often times with denim, color-coordinated palettes, and unisex staples like button-down shirts, the two make waking up and matching (sometimes even nail art) look easy.

How did your matching theme come up?
“We met at photography school and started working together. From the beginning, we realized that we sometimes wore matching outfits by accident. For us, that represented a connection that we had. When we fell in love and founded our company, we used it as a way to create a visual representation of our union at work and in life, as a team and as a family. We are also inspired by the USA culture of matching couples who use this as a means of expressing their love for each other.

What’s the best part about building this platform together and dressing the same? What is the worst?
“It may sound cheesy, but there’s really nothing wrong with us as we started to do it very naturally and have been doing it organically for the last three years. It has become a habit rather than a real effort! Building this platform was just one way of allowing people to see what we do on a daily basis. The best part is that we can show the world who we are and that, in return, we receive messages from people all over the world; We have made many new friends and it is truly amazing for us to be able to experience these interactions.

“We have always experienced social media as a couple rather than as individuals! We also have private personal accounts, but we don’t actually use them for the same reasons. We mainly use them to chat with friends. “

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