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Back In School Outfit Collection In California

Have you ever stood in front of your overflowing closet, looking at more than enough clothing options, and you think: I have nothing to wear? Same. But maybe the problem isn’t that you run out of viable outfit options. You just need a fresh dose of inspiration to help you see your wardrobe in a new way in USA. That’s where Outfit Dump comes in. On the first of the month, every month, we provide you with enough ideas to fuel your style until the next drop arrives.

Although the first day of school in Los Angeles isn’t technically for a few more weeks, we know the importance of planning ahead when it comes to your outfit for the occasion.

Today’s trends (don’t worry, we’re not talking pin tops) are more school-appropriate than you might think. Many also appear straight out of the pages of a retro yearbook, including pleated skirts, loafers, sweater vests, and more. Now all you have to do is figure out how to style them in a way that feels modern and in line with your school’s dress code.

For that, California ready looks abound, it is an extreme fashion. There, trust that you can find everything from inspiration on how to style socks with Target for a true school ensemble to what to wear with your new vintage cowboy boots that will set you on your way to winning best dressed during the superlative end of the year. And that’s just the SparkNotes version.

For lessons on how to wear zebra print, chunky clogs, double jean, and more once school starts over, click on the 24 back-to-school outfits below.

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