Latest Carters Cyber Monday Sales & Discount Offer November 2021



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Baby Items including jumpsuits, clothing, and gear are all available and the variety of items selling online are here for your child. Get the particular item that you need and get it from the shop on a Black Friday shopping spree for you to save on in purchases. Also, get children’s pant sets and jackets at their normal discount rates through Carters online shop.

Best Carters Deals

The First Deal is Up to 50% Off the Entire Site

Get all your offers now through Carters and save a maximum of 50% on almost all deals on the online shop with discounts purchases you can make from here.

2-Piece Floral Top & Legging Set

Is selling at $10.40
The percent of discount offer is 60% off
The item was originally sold at $26.00

Football Collectible Bodysuit

Is selling at $5.00
Discount offers are 64% off
The original price was $14.00

Pink Cotton Tee

Is selling at a discount cost of $7.00
Discounts applied are 56% off
The original rate was $16.00

Save Up to 57% On a Wide Range of Baby Boy Clothes

Buy and earn with discounts through this place on most baby clothes sold in the Carters shop.

Pull-On Cotton Pants

Cotton pants are pulled on and have their purpose as they can be worn repeatedly for your baby’s necessities.

Is selling at a cost of $6.00
Percent of discount 50% off
Originally price of the item was $12.00

3-Piece Dinosaur Little Character Set

A dinosaur little clothing that the child clothing has imprinted on it makes it an extremely valuable item for baby wear.

Is selling at a cost of $10.00
Discount offer of 58% off
The original price is $24.00

2-Piece Polar Bear Bodysuit Pant Set

A bear pant set comes in two pieces for your baby to wear is a wash and wear item.

Is selling at a discount rate of $9.00
The discount rate offered is 59% off
The original cost of the item is $22.00

Save Up to 64% On Baby Girl Clothes

Discounts are offered on baby girl’s clothing items. It is a big sale on baby girl items that include leggings, sleep and play as well as cardigan sets.

Knit Denim Leggings

Leggings are a regular kind of wearable for children who need a new cloth after every other day, thee leggings are lowers that are good for your children to wear.

Is selling at a discount rate of $5.00
The rate of discount is 64% off
The original cost of the item is $14.00

Koala 2-Way Zip Cotton Sleep & Play

This is an all-day comfortable item that is used in sleeping to playing and it is a soft piece of wearable that comes in daily use for your children.

Discounted cost $8.00
Discount rates 50% off
Initial Price $16.00

3-Piece Butterfly Little Cardigan Set

It is specially made with extremely soft cotton and has a front buttoning system and is a hoodie suit for regular wear for your child. It fits perfectly with a matching lower and it is a nice-looking bodysuit worn on the inside.

Discount Cost of $13.00
Discount percentage 50% off
Original price $26.00

Best Baby Deals


It is the deal that is a buster of most deals it is for baby items and it is the deal you will want to use with essential items for your child and most items you will want to get. Curbside pickup is provided with an in-store app.

Navy Leggings

It has a coverage of a waistband and can stretch by a large amount. it is mostly made of cotton and a little bit of jersey material. It is an imported item and can be washed and worn repeatedly.

Discount price $6.00
Percent of discount 57% off
The original cost of the item was $14.00

Striped Long-Sleeve Body

It is composed of long sleeves and strong knaps up with a repeated wash and wear of the item. It is made of 100% of cotton and is an imported machine washable item.

Is selling at a rate of $5.00
Get with 64% off discount
The original price of an item is $14.00

Kindness Original Bodysuit

The bodysuit is handy and goes over the head and overlaps the shoulders. It is also completely made of cotton and is an imported washable item. It overlaps on the shoulders and also goes over the head like a hoodie.

It is selling at a discount cost of $6.00
Sale cut of 57% off discounts
First-time price $14.00

Just Arrived

These are the baby items such as jerseys and headwraps and tees that come with a discount buy 1 and get a 50% discount off the next one.

Buy 1 Get 50% off

3-Pack Headwraps

It is a 3 pack headwrap and top bow and has more elaborate details that get it perfect looks. Connecting with an elastic band on the waistline, it is a good item for your wear for your child. The jersey is made of polyester and it is an imported and washable item to get for your child.

Buy at a rate of $14.00
Buy 1 and get 50% off

Car Jersey Tee

Is crafted with cotton material when made, the jersey has a cool print, it has long sleeve tee and it is the right item to be gifted for your child.

Buy at a price of $14.00 and the discount offer is Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!

3-Piece Take-Me-Home Converter Gown Set

Purchase your baby item on the first day at home, it is a cotton and silky set with a converted gown plus a little extra with the sock and cap that match each other.

Buy at a regular cost of $26.00

Buy one and get an extra 50% of the next item

3-Piece Take-Me-Home Converter Gown Set

It is perfect for use with your baby from the first day he is born and it is silky and soft cotton and has a matching cap with the converter gown and comes with socks that complete the clothing set.

Is selling discounted at $26.00

Buy 1, Get 1 50% off offer


Baby items are on clearance sale here at Carters, it is applied on most items sold in the online shop. The clearance sale added 20% extra off on all deals made through the online shop items. In-store pickup is provided, it is efficient for your convenience.

Eyelet Flutter Bodysuit

It has an eyelet yoke and flutter sleeves and consists of strong snaps to keep up and is usable as a repeated wash and wear item. It is completely made of cotton and it is a machine washable imported item.
The discount cost is $3.99
Percent of discount 72% off
Price reduced from the original price of $14.00

On clearance sale and sold at extra 20% Off

Tie-Front Top

It is a daily fun filling item and comprises of on-trend top features, it also has a hi-low hem and comes with matching leggings and a tied knot pair. It also has a cherry top.
Is selling at a discount cost of $9.59
Discounts offered are 56% off
The original price of the item is $22.00

An additional discount of 20% Off is offered because the item is on clearance

2-Pack Thanksgiving Booties

It comes in various colors and sizes and has skid soles of various sizes and shoes. It comes in 2 packs and is mostly made of cotton, little polyester, and elastane. It is a machine washable and imported item.
Is selling at a price of $3.59
Percent of discount 70% off
The original price of the item is $12.00


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